woensdag 18 januari 2012

Poor sheep - Earm skiep

The initial ideas did change every week, every day, every hour...Some times I was lying in my bed, couldnot sleep, was thinking of my work and had really brilliant ideas. The next morning they were not that brilliant any more...Some times I suddenly knew 'I have to make it this way'...and changed my plans. The process took the time that it needed. The last week I suddenly knew how to make the middle part.
Now my triptych is finished. I cannot change anything anymore. I have delivered it to the museum, Het Kruithuis, in 's Hertogenbosch. It was a 2,5 hours drive. I had a stomach ache while driving to 's Hertogenbosch and a headache driving back home. I had given my baby in other's hands. Ouch!

'Poor sheep':
I'm living in the middle of an area where a lot of sheep are populating the fields. Every spring I welcome the newborn lambs in the meadows around my place. I love to see them enjoying life, to jump and run and play around. It's the nicest time of the year. But, while I look at the lambs, I can already 'hear' the ewes crying for their babies when they have been separated from their mothers later in the summer. It is the circle of life of a sheep. But...the cries of the ewes have marked my life...