dinsdag 3 december 2013

Course 'raw fleeces' 4th day, Cursus 'werken met vachtwol' 4e dag

Fascination by the students: will these raw locks become a nice carpet? 

One students brought beautiful locks of 'Schoonebeeker' with her. She wants to make some small carpets where she can put her feet on while sitting at the table.
It will become a thick carpet, I guess. In a few days I will know.

Another student brought amazing darkbrown locks of 'Karakul'. Very strong locks.
I think they are from a ram...The fleece is laying at the table for a week now, waiting till the next day of the course. And it really smells...:) Must be a ram's fur!

I'm looking forward to the last course day, the day after tomorrow.
Always so nice to see the happy faces after finishing the feltworks!

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